Bretton Woods Women's Golf Association


We are delighted to inform you that the golf season has re-opened - with some new rules. 

Please refer to the Bretton Woods website for all the details or contact one of the Golf Professional staff if you have any questions.

Since our 2020 season calendar of events was affected by the quarantine and rules set forth by the State of Maryland please refer

to our updated "calendar of events" below.

Your feedback is encouraged so that we can provide you with more of what you want and less of the opposite. If you have a suggestion, complaint, news story, or just want to chat, please contact us at [email protected] or through the form on the Contact page on this website. 

Welcome back to golfing!

Our first event will be a 2-day Ringer held on July 9 and July 16.

Please sign up here.

The BWWGA Committee and members of the ProShop have planned an exciting year of tournaments. Please view our calendar of events and consider signing up for these fun events.

2020 Calendar of Events

The New World Handicap System.

Check out the USGA website for all the latest on the WHS.

The New World Handicap System